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B i o g r a p h y

Eli Korman is a young Israeli composer and contemporary saxophone player. Born (1992) and raised in Kibbutz Netiv Halamed-Hey, he currently lives in Jerusalem.

Eli is currently studying for a master's degree in composition at the Tedarim program of Meitar Ensemble, in the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. He has studied composition with Prof. Ari Ben Shabetai, and Prof. Yinam Leef. Eli participated in the CEME 2019 and CEME 2020 master course for young composers in Tel Aviv with Franck Bedrossian, Phillippe Leoux, and Helmut Lachenman.

Eli received the ''America-Israel Cultural Foundation'' scholarship for his composition studies and for his saxophone studies, as well as an excellence scholarship from the Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance for his composition studies. Eli won the second prize in the ''Israel Composers' League'' competition for young composers in 2018. His pieces were performed by Tedarim ensemble, Meitar ensemble, Duo Alto, and various players in Israel, Hungary, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Chile.

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