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Bb clarinet, Trombone, cello, piano, 4 kazoos, Gulmohar and Guirimbão

as part of the UML 2023 festival


Wild, archaic, primitive, indigenous. Rather, they are the initial connotations that came to my mind when I started thinking about the piece for the UML 2023 festival. The thought of Finland as the northern end of the world, brought to my mind a primitive, primal, indigenous sound image, "music of the ancient man" - Music that can be rough and wild.

I tried to interpret the sound image with the help of the instruments of Hai Kvartetti, to which I add instruments that connect to the sound image I was looking for - 4 kazoos, Guirimbão and Gulmohar - wooden percussion instruments from Central and South America.

The name of the piece is "Ḥaruvim" (Carobs in Hebrew), an ancient tree that give sweet and dry fruit. This sweet and dry fruit reminds me of ancient food, wild food, from the time when man was a gatherer and hunter. Also, the Gulmohar looks like two carobs connected to each other.


Oulu, Finland

Oct 8, 2023

Hai Kvartetti:

Maritta Manner -piano

Klaara Vasara -clarinet 

Antto Tunkkari -cello 

Annaroosa Lampela - trombone

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