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Everything is Bland



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two flutes, two saxophones, two cellos & percussion

to ensemble Zone Experimental Musik Akademie Basel


When the October 2023 war broke out, I was left without words.

Alongside feelings of fear and terror, tears and a lump in my throat, numerous feelings of blandness emerged. Everything was bland all around. The food was bland, the streets were bland, the skies were bland, my exhaustion was bland, the money I earned was bland, the everyday life was bland.

Amidst all this, even the music was bland for me during those initial weeks of the war. What wasn’t bland at all were the tough emotions and helplessness, mine, and that of all my friends and family.

In the piece everything is bland, I try to give an auditory and performative expression to this feeling of blandness, alongside the difficult emotions and tragedy of the war. Writing this piece during the first two months of the war was an anchor for me, a breath of air.


Leonhardsstrasse 6, Basel, Switzerland

Jan 21, 2024

Ensemble Zone Experimental:

Ignat Klobystin, Isabelle Meraner - Flutes

Marc Baltrons Fàbregas, Alexander Prill - Saxophones

James Morley, Clara Dietze - Celli

Mikolaj Rytowski - percussion

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