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Luminous Rust



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clarinet, saxophone, percussion, piano, electric guitar, soprano & double bass

Ensemble zone experimentale, Musik Akademie Basel


From the sound image passed through my mind when I walked among Jean Tinguely works, I wrote "Luminous Rust". The piece seeks to trace Tinguely machines, the metallic sound produced by them, the coolness they emit and their size. With the help of the ensemble, I try to create a new world of machine sound, through acoustic instruments and human voice. The new sound world functions as a kind of "ocean of sounds", in which the human voice of the singer and the "humanity" of the musical instruments are drowning and struggling to stay above the surface of the water.


Paul Sacher-Anlage 2, 4002 Basel

Mar 27, 2023

Martijn Susla - Bb clarinet

María Chamizo Martin - soprano saxophone

Emilia Feil - percussion

Dmitry Batalov - piano

Reto Weiche - electric guitar

Chiara Jarrell - soprano

Pietro Elia Barcellona - double bass

Friederike Scheunchen - conductor 

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