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Things I deleted



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Baritone saxophone, Electric guitar & piano

to ensemble SEV


The composition process is an integral part of the work itself. The final product of the
process is published in the form of a finished piece that you hear in a concert, after a
lot of thinking about the choice of materials the composer works with, the aesthetics
of the piece, the language it speaks, thinking about its form and processing all things
together into a finished piece. However, you don't hear all the deliberations, the
struggles, the feelings that accompany the creator during the writing process which
can sometimes be difficult, and the parts that he deletes during the process.

In the piece "Things I deleted'' I try to give an expression to exactly these feelings -
the deliberations, the struggles, the struggle for each and every sound, the feeling of
uncertainty and "powerlessness" regarding the things I write. I express these feelings
with the help of the human voice which tries to come out through and through the
acoustic instruments, a sense of mess and chaos in the structure of the piece, the
"fragility" of the materials and the lack of control over them, while searching for my
personal voice as a composer.


Haifa, Israel

May 23, 2023

Baritone saxophone: Maayan James

Electric guitar: Dennis Sobolev

Cello:  Dan Weinstein

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