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Saxophone & flute

Written and dedicated to Duo Alto as part of the CEME 2019 festival of Meitar Ensemble


the piece Triptych was written as part of the CEME 2019 festival of Meitar Ensemble, especially for Duo Alto (Noa Mick & Anat Nazarathy).
The first thing that I was thinking about before I started to compose this piece is how can I get many different sounds, timbers and colors, to make a big cloud of sounds, only from two instruments, and to put it into one piece.
, I choose to write a musical triptych, that have three different parts, that every part deal with a different timber and color.
Triptych it is a term from the visual arts. it means a draw with three parts. The first part and the third part are in the same size, and the second part in the middle is exactly twice in the size from the size of the first and the third parts.
In my piece, the size of the second part is exact twice in the length from the first and the third part, like a traditionally Triptych.


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